Nadine Lachapelle

I am at a train station in czech republic waiting for a train towards Warsaw to go to Lodz. Obviously, the train from Bratislava to here was so delayed, that i missed my connecting train, screw you hungarian train! I have to wait now more than 1.5h and i am really right in the middle of nowhere..
But yeah, since i have only 8.5h left to get there i use this waiting time to write my blog.
So lets get back to Belgrade. We arrived at 5 o’clock in the morning and had no place to go, so we waited until mcdonalds opened at 7am to get a coffee and especially wifi to look for a hostel. As we finally made it to the hostel, i was so tired, that as soon the checkin was done i would go to bed and have a good sleep. The others two walked through the city and decided to leave that very day, which i think was really stupid, like why rushing to every place, only to say: “yeah, i’ve been in Belgrade, haven’t seen anything of it, but i can check it now on my list.” But as i said, everyone travels on its own way and i was so relieved when they were finally gone..
This weekend, in Belgrade, was a “bierfest”. So, it is not really a beerfest in a way you would imagine it now, but it is actually a huge music-festival with bosnian and serbian musicians who are quite famous, and it is for is called beerfest, because you can get beer from all over Europe and a pint is like about 1€ (110dinars). So imagine now standing in front of a scene in the middle of 50’000-60’000 people (we tried to guess, so it is only an approximative number). And the great thing was, that, beside us of course, everyone would know the artist and all of it’s songs and would sing and dance and party from the beginning to end of the whole concert. We western europeans are to reserved to party like this, it was so freaking cool. We went back the second day and there was a ska-concert, which is usually not the music i listen to, but we were dancing and after 2 or 3 beer we all would sing with the band although we have no clue about serbian or bosnian language. It really was amazing.
So who is we..? The first day in Belgrade i met a german guy i was hanging out with and the next day, while doing the free walking tour through Belgrade we would meet 3 french guys from Paris. After this walking tour we were all hungry, so we would go to a serbian restaurant to order serbian food. We asked the lady who was serving if she could create a huge plate for all of us with some of the what we got: a huge plate of meat. :) as i said last time, i still had a weird stomach from Rumania and i was actually just craving some vegetables, but still, it was really good.:) Belgrade is an amazing place to have beautiful old buildings, next to bombed buildings, next to new buildings, next to buildings with bullet marks from the first world war.
Serbians from Belgrade are really helpful, friendly and smiling, although the conversation would not always be really easy. When i was at the hostel and the guys who work there would speak serbian, i just joined the conversation saying “dobro dobro, da da da” which means something like “good, ok, yeah”, because they would say that all the time, and they would always start laughing and start to explain in broken english what they were talking about.
Beside that, they are all soooo tall. Guys and girls are so tall, i felt like a dwarf. Girls are really beautiful and guys would look like Djokovic.:) it is a place i would go back to.

So..still feel like reading? I still have 30min left, oh no, 45min, the train is delayed.:( not cool..

After Belgrade i went to Ljubljana. In the train i had an empty seat next to me and 5english boys would come in and one would eventually sit down next to me. The first hour we would sleep, and then, being awake, we would start talking, laughing, sharing food, playing cards, etc. it was really nice, time went by so fast and it is astonishing how much you can learn about a person in a 8h train ride.

Once i Ljubljana i went to the hostel and…yeah i’ll tell you that next time!

Cheers, bisou

Ps: waiting 1h at a train station equals 8h train ride, there is nothing worse..


Right now i am on the train from Belgrade to Ljubliana, yeah, i know it is quite a long distance, but time goes by real quick.
So, where to start..a lot of things happened. I am traveling again on my own. It turned out, that we had different expectations of traveling, the two of them tried to see as many places as possible to check them on their “been there-list” and i’d rather skip a place to spend more time at another one. For instance, we did a 24h trip to rumania, only to leave not even 48h later again with a 24h back trip to Belgrade. We arrived eventually at 5 o’clock in the morning in Belgrade and the moment they decided to leave in the night i wished them safe travels. I couldn’t breathe anymore, it was just hurrying from one place to the other without enjoying. And since they have left i feel like a free bird and i certainly do not regret the decision.
But this means i’ve changed my journey, because i didn’t want to go by myself through Bosnia, not because it would be dangerous, but because the train takes ages to get around and i didn’t want to spend 24h on the train by myself.
So, i will arrive in Ljubljana in 30 minutes, stay there two nights, than Bratislava probably, than Lodz (in Poland, to see two friends i met in Prague who are absolutely adorable) and then Berlin before going to Switzerland for some days. I know, it is not the journey i promised, but it would have been the first time someone would get a burnout from traveling, so at least you’ll get stories from happy Nadine.

Well, lets go back to Rumania. Seriously, this country is something. We arrived at a really ugly train station in Sibiu, with a lot of weird people and straw-dogs . So we moved up to the inner town to look for a hostel and baaaaaam..a wonderful inner city with lot of bars, restaurants, nice buildings, it was really a cute place. Obviously i can’t tell you more, because we arrived at 11pm and had to leave in the morning at 10pm. The bus wasn’t showing up in the morning, nobody knew why, but nobody seemed to be astonished, so since i brought a lot of patience (the others a bit less though) we were waiting for the next bus at 1pm which brought us to Fagaras and from there we took a taxi up to Soars, a small village up in the Rumanian-Transylvanian hills. Instead of streets you’ll find graveled paths, instead of a lot of cars you mostly see horses with carriages, people are getting the water from the nearby fountains and life is just simple but also peacefully. I really felt good up there, i kinda wanted to be Heidy for a moment.:) we went for a walk through the village and the hills..
Back at the hosts place, the “rumanian mamma” cooked a rumanian dinner for us which was really heavy. Since i had not eaten during the whole day, i ate for four which caused the unhealthy effect of being stuffed, a sleepless night cause of digestion and throwing up in the morning. But it was me who was being silly, the food was really really good with only fresh ingredients from the garden.
On the picture you can see how the cows, the horses and the goats came back home in the evening, so i hope you get the picture of this rural but absolutely amazing place.
Although we were in Transylvania, there was no chance of going to the Dracula castle since the other two absolutely wanted to go and take the train. Well, i will go back, this is for sure. Rumania is really poor but worth to see, when you drive through the landscape, you would see poor villages with, for us, mostly useless houses and farms, but you would also see this wonderful church with a zinc-roof that makes it look like silver.

Yeah and so we headed off to Belgrade, and probably cause all of the stress my belly is aching ever since. But i still try to be active and go around and enjoy myself, but i bought a serbian medicament now (no worries babba, i googled it in english before taking it) and i hope it is getting better. But the Eastern Europe food is probably not the best for a sensible stomach, because it consists of a loooot of meat.:)

Miss you guys..bisous

Soars, Rumania: Cows, horses, goats and sheep coming down from the hills back home to sleep :) 
(The blog to Rumania will be uploaded tomorrow or in 2 days)

Soars, Rumania: Cows, horses, goats and sheep coming down from the hills back home to sleep :)
(The blog to Rumania will be uploaded tomorrow or in 2 days)

Rumanian sunset

Rumanian sunset

Krakau goulash with hash-brown and cheese with sauerkraut-salad..yummie (it doesn’t look that good but it was delicious)

Krakau goulash with hash-brown and cheese with sauerkraut-salad..yummie (it doesn’t look that good but it was delicious)

Coucou, comment ça? How are you? I am on my way to Sibiu, Romania. We left Krakow last night and arrived this morning in Budapest and kept on traveling to Sibiu in Transylvania. Taking the train here is quite a mess, most of the trains are overbooked and the more east we go the less the interrail-ticket is known. And of course, people do not speak any more english, which means they are speaking hungarian or rumanian and we are speaking english with hand and feet and a huge smile, at least we pretend to be smiling, actually we just want our ticket to be accepted while we are stressing..popopopokerface!

We are right now on the train (budapest-sibiu, rumania), we had no reservation first, because it was, again, overbooked, but we got in anyway, so we got a fine of each of 10€! We actually think that is quite a lot of money for a hungarian person, its more than 2000 forints.
So 24h of train..its exhausting, but time goes by really fast actually. (I am writing a note, so when this blog is going to be uploaded, i will hopefully be in the hostel. )

But back to Krakow. The first night, we tried to find a cool bar, but we got, without knowing the town, to the touristy street with a lot of restaurants, but no local bars. It was only the next day we realized that the street where everyone goes out is just behind the hostel.:) Krakau itself is quite an interesting place, there are a lot of houses that are about to get renovated. Sometime they look like new, but since they’ve mostly only remade half of the house, you can see how it looked like years ago. But again, so many tourist in that place, it’s unbelievable. But polish guys are really nice and especially when you try to speak their language, like ordering three beers in polish, they give you a huge smile.

We went the first day to the salt mine, i guess it was amazing, but since i had the great idea to drink a bottle of coke before going there, i only felt the urgent need to piss. Sorry, but i can’t say pee, i felt like exploding and obviously there was only a toilet after 2h of walking through the mines..well, i enjoyed the last ten minutes with an empty blather. :)

The day after we went to Auschwitz and Birkenau. Well, what to say..we were lucky enough that the sun was shining bright, which made the whole ambiance less horrible. But it is so huge, that it is almost impossible to get the dimension of what really happened there. Well, you should go there yourself to get the impression of a concentration camp, i can’t really describe it..

But to end with a happy subject: polish vodka is really good! :)

to travel with two other fellows is a whole kind of a new experience. I’m not too sure yet whether i like it or not..i mean there a lot of advantages, but i meet less people since we are just hanging out together and people don’t dare talking to a group, i kind of miss having breakfast every other morning with someone else and meet people from all over the world. But i guess in Romania, i wouldn’t want to be alone.

You gonna hear from me soon..miss you guys.
Kusskuss nadine




Hello everyone..
I am on the road again..this time let’s say hello to Eastern Europe.
I realized that for a lot of travelers, Eastern Europe means Czech Republic and maybe Hungary, but we are going to dig deeper and so you gonna hear stories about Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, and so on..
First ask yourself where those countries are and what their capital is..for most of us Western Europeans, it is unknown land and i wanna show you it’s beauty.
So i started in Prague..i know, Paris is supposed to be the most visited place on earth, but i swear, i have never seen so many tourists at the same time! I barely heard the language czech, although it seemed to be a beautiful language.
The city of Prague is beautiful and the architecture reminded me a bit of Vienna, let’s say a mixture between Vienna and Paris and it is surprisingly small, at least everything seemed to be in a walking distance and you get around really quickly.

Obviously i went to the Kafka-Museum and it is really good if you know Kafka (which i luckily do thanks to my former german teacher). If you haven’t read anything from him, then you wouldn’t find it very interesting. I also tried some Czech food: Dumplings (Knödel) with roast beef and cream sauce, it was really good, but heavy, and apparently this is what i gonna eat in Poland too. I don’t mind it. :)
They also have good beer, the first night i ended up in a bar, with someone from the hostel, which is called the Beermuseum (i know that bar thanks to two swiss friends:)) This bar was literally just around the corner from the hostel and they have 30taped czech beer. So you can get 5 glasses of different beer of 0.2l, you try 5 different beers and you pay something like 3€ for 1 liter of amazing beer. Everything seems to be cheap in Prague compared to Paris. The meal i was talking about before costed 8€ including a pint of beer and tip.
But apparently it is quite expensive compared to the countries we are going to..
And now for your tongue-training and amusement, a czech sentence without any vocals:
STRČ PRST SKRZ KRK. It is a grammatically correct sentence and means “put your finger through the throat”
Yeah, i am in the train now (they have wifi and power, hello sbb and snfc, i’ve got free wifi in czech and poland, how come you don’t have it yet?)

books, plays and coffee


my one dear friend Michael from Baden told me several times that i have to keep on writing my blog. but i have to admit that i don’t think that my life is that exciting…

I have my bachelor exam the first of July, so i am just reading ALL DAY LONG (during the night i am analyzing and resuming the things i read). so my life is really not an adventure, especially because i read in my bed :)

until then i am in a different world, i realized that, when i met up with a friend for a coffee today and the words that came out of my mouth didn’t make any sense to her at all. and i guess that my English is weird too right now (sorry for my mistakes).

because i have nothing to tell, i could talk about books actually. i could talk about things i loved to read, which you might like as well and yeah..what do you think? I could talk about cooking too, but i guess i prefer books..

So let me talk about a play i just read and i really appreciated reading, i think you might like it as well (i mean, if you are not religious and stuff). It is called “Reigen” from the Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler. He was a mate of Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis, dreams, phallus and stuff, remember?! :) he lived in Vienna at the end of the 19th century/ beginning of the 20th century (fin de siècle). so, Arthur Schnitzler was actually obsessed with coitus (for those who do not know what that means (Pancho, i don’t mention you here), it actually just means to have sex). so as i said, that guy loved to have sex and he didn’t believe in faith in a relationship. I think it is important to mention, because the play talks about 10 different meetings of people who have sex. but he would never mention the coitus itself he talks about seduction, moral-hesitations, etc. like everything before and after the act itself.

the ten people are from different levels of society, there is a prostitute, a poet, a husband, a young man, an earl, an actress, etc. one scene consists always of two characters who are going to have coitus, then one of the two will be seen in the next scene while hitting on the next person, until the last one meets the first one to close the circle..

yeah, you might think, nadiiine, stop drinking so much coffee you are just talking about sex. but actually, Schnitzler is a very famous writer, and it is an artistic masterpiece. For those who are afraid to read plays, no worries, it is easily written and because there are always only 2 persons speaking, you will easily get it, it is quite it might be a good start to read plays.

ok everyone, i have to go back to work, it is going to be a loong night…cheers and bisous.

ps: next time i will talk about my future plans, like university and stuff, i didn’t fell like talking about it. and i will talk about an american play (i am sorry i am just reading plays right now, but plays really are cool)


hello everyone

yeah, finally i am blogging again. and i have to be honest, i am only blogging, because i am in class and its like SUPER boring. yeah, but whatever, it is my last class on a monday and i should kind of enjoy it. Its weird to think, that i am about to spend my last week at this university, to be honest, i dont even realize it, because i spent so much time in these halls and rooms. But probably, i’ll come back to work in the library or yeah, who wouldn’t wanna go back to the most fucked up university?:)

i am actually so bored right now, that i dont even know what to text. im really stressed at the moment, i have to hand in 3 looooooong essays (is it essays or essaies actually?) this week (luckily they are are almost done) and i have another exam this upcoming wednesday. yeah, so i gonna hand-in my last essay on thursday, then i will do some shopping (i have to be nice to myself from time to time, right, mamma?!:)) and then i will party that night, whatever happens.

yeah, thats it, actually. so i am sorry if i havent answered your mails and texts or whatever, i’ve just been busy these days.

and next week i’ll do all the paris-tourist-stuff, i should have done long ago (;))

Hello there. I guess i’ll text less and less, i mean, my life is exciting, but it still is ordinary. I mean lets say, my ordinary life is exciting, but i still do the same things again and again. Going to university, hanging out with my friends and partying the w-e, there is nothing i would change, but at the same time, i wouldn’t know what to text you all the time.
Bref, so some news:
I figured, that my russian neighbour is not that cool as i thought he’d be. When i had my party two weeks ago, he wrote me a text at 2am, if we could be more quiet and i swear, we were quiet after that text and i apologized in the morning (never the less, my party was freaking amaaaaaazing). But he had nothing better to do than run to the ‘gardienne’ and tell her not only that i was noisy that tuesday, but the whole week, which i think is funny, because i seriousely cannot remember having been at my place the up-following nights. But the gardienne loves me, she really does, she was like: you know nadine, i don’t care what is going on upthere, i just tell you, because i have to, but doesn’t he realize that i have more important things to deal with than a one-night-party! Ah, i love her too!:) what is most annoying is the fact that he is the one who told me, that he doesn’t like the other neighbour, because he, apparently, is always talking to the gardienne about how noisy he, the russian guy, is instead of knocking at his door and talking to him! Yeah, ironic situation, i guess there are just people who have nothing to do in life!
My other neighbour jordi went back home to his parents place for two weeks. I kinda missed him and his electrobeats making me realize, that someone is there just next door. But he is back now. (Maybe i should talk about the noise he is making to the gardienne, looooool (‘laugh out loudly’ for mum:))
Today seraina is coming. I am sooo excited, but i have a presentation on thursday.:( but none of you can imagine how happy i am that she is going to be with me for some days.:)

Yeah, thats it for the moment!

The good thing about paris is the fact that life never gets boring. Everytime you find a second to think, a new and silly idea comes newest idea was what you can see on the picture! I mean the shaker itself is not that silly itself, but of course, a new shaker means a new party! So you invite your friends over to come to your place and all of a sudden you realize that more people are coming than your flat actually has squaremeters! Well, i hope your night is going to be as awesome as mine.:) 
(Mum, dad, no worries, im still working for the university:))

The good thing about paris is the fact that life never gets boring. Everytime you find a second to think, a new and silly idea comes newest idea was what you can see on the picture! I mean the shaker itself is not that silly itself, but of course, a new shaker means a new party! So you invite your friends over to come to your place and all of a sudden you realize that more people are coming than your flat actually has squaremeters! Well, i hope your night is going to be as awesome as mine.:)
(Mum, dad, no worries, im still working for the university:))

Something new happened in my life, i met my neighbours, at least two of them! I already met the one guy who lives in the flat in front of me a week ago and he is really nice! A russian student and 28 years old. The other day i met someone else, jordi, while closing the door and because i talk to everything that talks back to me (ok, i admit, it happens that i talk to things as well) i invited him to come over for a beer one of the upcoming days! So yesterday we had another soirée at my place (because my appartement is the coolest and coziest) with both of the guys and we had so much fun. Kyrill left around midnight and jordi and i decided to open another bottle of wine and with every sip we were laughing even more and we were talking until 2ish (i dont really remember time).
Today he wrote me a text (i was supposed to work on my essay and he knew): ‘hey, are you at home, i need your bottleopener, but if you want, you can stay for a glass, too’.
So i went to his place (which is like nextdoor on the same floor), he had a friend over and i was like: dude, i bet we gonna be bad influence for eachother for our studies! He started laughing and agreed. I told myself to stay for ONE glass and i just got back to my flat now, its almost 1am!
We do get along really well and its so nice to have someone nextdoor just to hang out, drink a glass of wine and chat after a long day..i feel like i’m about to get a flatmate.:)

Yeah, those are the news of my life, i’d be happy to get everdaynews from you, too and thanks to those who text me after having read my blog (xenia

Good night everyone!

i love Paris

I feel like texting you guys, because i got the ONE mail yesterday. The ONE answer i was waiting for since like half an year. The only content that mail has, i translate:

"Dear Nadine, its ok, sincerly Marc Bonhomme."

Those seven words almost made me cry. This one ok means, that i can finish all of my classes in Paris, which means furtheron, that I don’t have to go back home in february. I posted it on Facebook yesterday and i already got some mad/sad mails from friends back home and my best friend was kinda upset, that we still gonna live far away from each other (love you seraina), but if people can see, how well I’m doing here in Paris, they’d understand (i mean, seraina does understand:)) but i’m always happy here, my soul is shining brighter than the sun and every morning i get up drink my ovomaltine (yeah, i still have swiss roots) look out of the window and enjoy the view over the roofs and chimneys of paris. It has nothing to do with people, than i have great people in Switzerland and in France, its more the city i totally feel comfortable living in..i love paris, la vie en rose quoi

so dont be upset and be happy for me instead..

i miss you guys and hope to see most of you back home at christmat…


Athletic enough to come and visit me?

Athletic enough to come and visit me?